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I created something really special for you. This is a playable kitchen instrument. A playable EGG-SLICER (Eierschneider) from the GDR made in 1980. It cuts eggs in pieces. This was the first „Instrument“ I played on at the age of 4. I sampled each string and tuned it on 2 Octaves. Each string has different velocities plus some percussion sounds. You can load it in KONTAKT from NATIVE INSTRUMENTS.

It creates the sound of a Zither or Steel Drum. Listen to the preview. Put reverb and maybe a Pitch Shifter with an octave below to fatten up the sound on it.

5€                                                              .

‚GOLA AFRICAN HOUSE‘ Cubase Template

GOLA is an african House Template for Cubase. It was crafted precisley. Live Drums are played and sound-design was made plus interesting arpeggios and a big arrangement. It is inspired by RISE Records and Manoo and other big names in the African House Scene.

  • 69 Tracks
  • FX Track
  • Group Tracks
  • Master-Chain
  • 656mb zipped

20€                                                              for non-commercial usage                      keine kommerzielle Lizens.

‚THOUGHTS‘ Cubase Template

Thoughts is a Deep House, Tech House inspired Template to give you fresh sounds and ideas with an emotional breakdown and lyrics.

It comes in over 40 tracks with plenty of groups and routings. I used outboard gear and plugins and bounced them into audio. So you don’t need any third party plugins. Only Cubase 10 (and below). I made some own Vocals and Synth-Presets for Retrologue. But the main sound is an ARP that is almost a drone, evolving through the whole track. I use a Parallel-Compression-Bus for the Vocals and plenty of other effects and tricks. Crafted the sounds very detailed and precise. Enjoy this emotional Template.


20€                                                             for non-commercial usage.                      keine kommerzielle Lizens.

‚AMORPH‘ Cubase Template

Amorph is a Techno Template build around a big Moog-Bass created with RETROLOGUE. It is a very detailed patch created with LFO and little randomness to emulate a big analog sound.

On top, there are plenty of interesting sounds, created with RETROLOGUE, PADSHOP, PROLOGUE, and SAMPLER.
Plus a bunch of self-created WAV Sounds and Loops. You can learn and create your own Songs with help of this template

20€                                                              for non-commercial usage.                     keine kommerzielle Lizens.

‚Moments‘ Cubase Template

I made a complete Deep Melodic Techno Track with only internal plugins of Steinberg. I recorded shakers and vocals by myself. Created all synths from scratch and did producer tricks here and there. (Parallel Comp, Drum Room, Gated Reverb Kick for low end, fine-tuned all samples to key, reverse vocal hall etc.)
Moreover, I created a mastering chain and felt really comfortable with the plugins (Quadrafuzz is very nice).

I made notes on almost every channel to help you to understand why I did things like this.

20€                                                              for non-commercial usage.                     keine kommerzielle Lizens.



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